The Singers Musical Theatre Anthology: Baritone/Bass Volume 2 – CDs Included


The Singers Musical Theatre Anthology: Baritone/Bass Volume 2 – CDs Included

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The world’s most trusted source for great theatre literature for singing actors. The CDs include piano accompaniments. The book features authentic editions of each song in the original keys. The songs have been carefully chosen for each voice type and are culled from a wide selection of classic and contemporary shows!!


  • All At Once You Love Her                             
  •  All Of My Life   
  •  All Of You                          
  •  All Through The Night  
  •  Bye Bye Baby                   
  •  Empty Chairs At Empty Tables  
  •  Fate                     
  •  Guido’s Song    
  •  I Want What I Want When I Want It                       
  •  I Won’t Send Roses       
  •  I’ll Never Say No                             
  •  Ilona    
  •  In Praise Of Women                     
  •  It’s All Right With Me    
  •  I’ve Come To Wive It Wealthily In Padua                              
  •  I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face     
  •  Joey, Joey, Joey                             
  •  Just In Time      
  •  Leaning On A Lamp Post                             
  •  Lonely Town    
  •  Long Before I Knew You                              
  •  Luck Be A Lady
  •  More I Cannot Wish You                             
  •  My Defenses Are Down              
  •  My Name                          
  •  My Time Of Day              
  •  Once In Love With Amy                               
  •  Only With You 
  •  Pilate’s Dream                 
  •  Promises, Promises      
  •  Stars                    
  •  The Girl That I Marry     
  •  The Highest Judge Of All                             
  •  The Man I Used To Be  
  •  The Surrey With The Fringe On Top                       
  •  There’s Nowhere To Go But Up               
  •  This Can’t Be Love                          
  •  Wouldn’t You Like To Be On Broadway 
  •  You’re The Fairest Flower

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