Mike Cornick – 3 Pieces for 6 Hands at 1 Piano.


Mike Cornick – 3 Pieces for 6 Hands at 1 Piano. Universal Edition.

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Mike Cornick’s 3 Pieces For 6 Hands At 1 Piano contains three jazz inspired, swinging numbers for three people at one Piano.


  1. Anyone for Tennis?: A light-hearted parody of the well-mannered jazz-inspired dance music of the 1920’s and is intended to evoke the frivolity of the period. Not to be taken too seriously!
  2. Baroque to the Blues: Begins with a fugal exploration of a jazzy musical subject. Following a ‘cycle-of-fifths’ episode, the subject frees itself from the counterpoint and a little of its jazzy potential is heard before the piece returns to a fugal recapitulation.
  3. Benodet Breeze: This is a medium-tempo mainstream jazz-styled piece which moves back and forth between C major and E-flat major. The style of the piece is light and swinging and players will hopefully enjoy its well-tried jazzy mannerisms in the new context of the trio.

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