World Music Songbook for Piano, Vocal and Guitar (PVG).


World Music Songbook for Piano, Vocal and Guitar (PVG). Published by Hal Leonard.

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This unique collection features 100+ folk favourites from countries around the globe arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar!


  1.  A La Nanita Nana (Hear Lullabies And Sleep Now)   
  2.  Ach Du Lieber Augustin (O My Dearest Augustine)  
  3.  Adios Muchachos   
  4.  African Noel  
  5.  Ah, Poor Bird   
  6.  Aija, Anzit, Aija (Lullaby)  
  7.  All Through The Night   
  8.  Aloha Oe  
  9.  Alouette   
  10.  Au Clair De La Lune  
  11.  Ballad Of Ned Kelly   
  12.  Blooming Bright Star Of Belle Isle  
  13.  Boil Them Cabbage Down   
  14.  Botany Bay  
  15.  Bow And Balance   
  16.  Bring A Torch, Jeannette, Isabella  
  17.  Carnival Of Venice   
  18.  Carol Of The Bagpipers  
  19.  Chiapanecas   
  20.  Choucoune  
  21.  Cielito Lindo (My Pretty Darling)   
  22.  Cirandeiro  
  23.  Clair De Lune   
  24.  Cockles And Mussels (Molly Malone)  
  25.  Dandansoy   
  26.  Danny Boy  
  27.  Dark Eyes   
  28.  Down In The Valley  
  29.  Dry Weather Houses   
  30.  Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen (You, You Weigh On My Heart)  
  31.  Duerme Nino Pequenito (Sleep, My Baby, Precious Darling)   
  32.  Duermete Nino Chiquito (Go To Sleep My Little Baby)  
  33.  Ferryland Sealer   
  34.  Finnegan’s Wake  
  35.  Flowers Of Joy   
  36.  Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping?)  
  37.  Funiculi, Funicula   
  38.  Gabi, Gabi  
  39.  Greensleeves   
  40.  Guantanamera  
  41.  Hatikvah (With Hope)    
  42.  Hava Nagila (Let’s Be Happy)  
  43.  Hoe Laat Is’t? (What Time Is It?)   
  44.  Il Bacio (The Kiss)  
  45.  Impuku Nekati (The Mouse And Cat)   
  46.  Iroquois Lullaby  
  47.  I’s The B’y   
  48.  Italian Street Song  
  49.  I’ve Been Working on the Railroad   
  50.  Jamaica Farewell   
  51.  Jeg Lagde Mig Saa Silde (I Laid Me Down To Rest)   
  52.  Kehto Laula (Cradle Song)  
  53.  Komoriuta (Lullaby)   
  54.  Krakowiak (Darling Maiden, Hark, I Ask Thee)  
  55.  Kum Ba Yah   
  56.  La Cucaracha  
  57.  Little Sandy Girl   
  58.  Magasan Repul A Daru (Hungaria’s Treasure)  
  59.  Maquerule   
  60.  Marianne  
  61.  Matilda   
  62.  Mexican Hat Dance (Jarabe Topatio)  
  63.  Mi Caballo Blanco (My White Horse)   
  64.  Nassau Bound  
  65.  Ning Wendete   
  66.  Nona Manis  
  67.  Norwegian Dance   
  68.  Paruparong Bukid (The Butterfly Field)  
  69.  Pat-a-pan (Willie, Take Your Little Drum)   
  70.  Pete, Pete  
  71.  Pjesma (Come, My Dearest)   
  72.  Ra Si’La Miele (Grind The Meal)  
  73.  Rasa Sayang Eh (Oh, To Be In Love)   
  74.  Rio, Rio  
  75.  Rivers Of Babylon   
  76.  Rocking  
  77.  Rosa   
  78.  Rouxinol Do Pico Preto (Nightingale With The Dark Beak)  
  79.  Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)   
  80.  Shalom Chaveyrim (Shalom Friends)  
  81.  Shining Moon   
  82.  Singabahambayo (An Army Is Marching)  
  83.  Somebody’s Knockin’ At Your Door   
  84.  Song Of The Volga Boatman  
  85.  Sospan Vach (The Little Saucepan)   
  86.  Swing Low, Sweet Chariot  
  87.  Swiss Air   
  88.  The Bamboo Flute  
  89.  The Banana Boat Song   
  90.  The Banks Of The Don  
  91.  The Blue Bells Of Scotland   
  92.  The Huron Carol  
  93.  The Keel Row   
  94.  The Overlander (The Queensland Drover)  
  95.  The Three Ravens   
  96.  This Little Light Of Mine  
  97.  This Old Hammer   
  98.  Thula Thu’ (Hush, Hush)  
  99.  Tutira Mai   
  100.  Un Lorito De Verapaz  
  101.  We Gather Together   
  102.  Zum Gali Gali 

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